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**Fotolia created the successful TEN Collection Project with one goal in mind – to democratize digital creation by bringing together in a common project digital art, graphic resources and education.
The Ten Collection Contest invited artists to submit original Photoshop designs for the chance to have their entry featured in an international advertising campaign.

This was the website for the Season 1 contest.
Content is from the site's archived pages and other outside sources reporting on Season 2 and Season 3.

Check out the Ten Collection facebook page at: /


I just recently was looking at the TEN Collection, Season 3 facebook page. The artwork of both photographers and graphic designers is really far out amazing. I was in college when the Season 1 contest was announced. During that time my friends at Rhode Island School of Design and I followed the Season 1 and Season 2 contests. We were in our senior year at RISD when the Season 3 of the TEN Collection was introduced. That one was quite the challenge. Now out of school and working in the graphics field I appreciate even more what those artists accomplished. Recently I was tasked with a job that involved womens' wigs. I did a lot of research online, even purchasing several classic Raquel Welch wigs designs for myself as an experiment. Surprisingly I have became a wig aficionado. I am not faithful to just one brand. I am more interested in the actual styles. However I have discovered that some brands' wigs are simply better made. It seems you can find similar styles with all the major manufactures, so eventually it comes come to quality. Anyway, I am constantly inspired by the work of the artists from the various Ten Collection seasons. The ingenious solutions and techniques will keep me intrigued for many years as I develop my own grpahic artist / photoshop chops.




Season 1

TEN Collection is a creative project focused on promoting digital art, with 10 world-class artists participating. Their work has been published as a free download (24h) throughout 10 next months, starting on December 2011. An International Creative Contest, inspired by this project, was announced afterwards. It was a prestige venture, with 1260 artists from around the globe taking part in it.

Fire up Photoshop and send us the most amazing PSD file you can create based on one of the 10 themes below. The winning artists gets their entry featured in an international advertising campaign worth approximately $250,000, and takes home some amazing prizes, including a copy of the Adobe Master Collection, Wacom tablets and much more!

The rules

  • Choose one of the 10 contest themes.
  • Create an amazing PSD file based on this theme, using at least 3 of the Fotolia images used by the Fotolia TEN artist.
  • Your own images, or any other Fotolia file (including those used for the other original Ten creations), can be used in your work.
  • Submit a JPEG image of your PSD file.

See Contest Terms
The prizes
The grand prize winner will receive the following prizes:

  • a feature in an international advertising campaign;
  • a copy of Adobe® Creative Suite® 6 Master Collection;
  • a Wacom Intuos5 Touch M tablet;
  • a 1 year Fotolia subscription (100 downloads / month);
  • 1,000 “TUTO credits” for use on;
  • a wide size PVC print order on;

Nine runner-ups will receive following prizes:

  • a Wacom Intuos5 Touch M tablet;
  • a 1 year Fotolia subscription (25 downloads / month);
  • 100 “TUTO credits” for use on;
  • a graphic bag from;

Four additional entries will be selected to each win a copy of Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended. These entries will be selected by Fotolia, and will take Facebook community votes into account.
Prizes are valued at nearly $300,000: you have to be a part of this!
The Details
The contest will be open from September 10, 2012 to October 10, 2012. Contestants may upload their JPEG files until October 10, 2012 (11:59pm - Eastern time). Contestants may submit a maximum of 1 entry per theme. The jury will include the original Ten artists, members from the Fotolia, Wisibility and Amkashop teams. Winners will be designated on October 17th.

  • PSD file size: 5000 x 3750 pixels
  • Keep a copy of your PSD source file. If your entry is deemed the winner, we require this high-resolution file for the international advertising campaign.
  • JPEG size: 1200 x 900 pixels
  • Please submit a JPEG copy of your PSD file on the relevant theme page.

You may use:
-Your personal images (you must own all the rights on these images).
-Fotolia images which have been properly licensed.
-The images used by the original TEN artists (available free of charge on the contest Facebook application)

Warning: Entries with any other images will not be accepted.





Catch up with the Ten Collection: own the 10 hi-res original PSD files for $29 only




Our contest is now over, and we had the chance to be overloaded with hundreds of super shiny creative artworks. Needless to say designating winners was everything but easy... but we did it.

Let's end the suspense: you can check the 10 winning entries, by clicking on the thumbnails below. Technique, imagination, talent, the 10 digital pieces of art that we selected have it all.

Congratulations to the winners.




S2 TEN Collection Contest: Introduced by S1’s Winner Sebastian Powszuk

After winning, my work was published in different international media industry. Besides advertising campaign, my project was also presented – including description and tutorial – in 3 non-affiliated graphics magazines: Polish Computer Arts and Practical Photoshop and German Foto Hits.

The winner of the Season 1 Contest, Poland’s Sebastian Powszuk has shared with us what it meant to win, why it is worth entering and how Season 2 differs from the previous year’s Season.

S1 Winner Sebastian Powszuk

Fotolia: What has changed in your life / career after winning the TEN Collection contest by Fotolia?

Sebastian Powszuk: First of all my winning significantly increased my graphics confidence and belief in my own abilities. The victory confirmed in me the belief that I have chosen the right path, and that graphic design is what I want to do in life.

After winning, interest in me has significantly increased, which allowed me to make a lot of interesting acquaintances with people in the industry and beyond. This has helped me with the number of orders and interesting projects to work on. I had a lot of opportunities to present my work and my way of seeing the world (interviews, articles, workshops), which positively influenced my name recognition in the industry. It helped me progress hugely.

Fo: According to you why is it worth entering the contest?

SP: A competition of this scale is an excellent platform to spread your wings. The very process of creating the work can be very educating. This is an excellent opportunity to see – from the inside – how the best designers work, draw conclusions and apply that knowledge in your own work.

The benefits of this are priceless. There is no better incentive when you have the opportunity to win (everyone has a chance, I’m a perfect example), promote yourself, get tons of experience and have the opportunity of winning fantastic prizes.

S2 TEN Collection Contest

Season 2 of the TEN Collection by Fotolia replicated the success of Season 1 highlighting a variety of creative and technical skills infused with regional influences. The artists’ work continue to inspire designers and artists globally and once again the TEN Collection is giving designers the chance to challenge this Season’s artists based on the themes they were originally given.

Fotolia is pleased to partner with some amazing international brands, in particular: Wacom, Adobe, Westcott, Exaprint, EIZO, and Template Monster, who have all contributed to the prize total which, with the international ad campaign added, reaches an estimated value of over $130,000!

The First Prize Winner will receive all of the following:

1 x Wacom Intuos Pro M Special Edition tablet
1 x Adobe Creative Cloud 1 year subscription
1 x Westcott Erin Manning Home Studio Lighting Kit
1 x Westcott 30″ 5-in-1 Reflector
1 x EIZO Color Edge CG246 24.1 inch Monitor
1 x Exaprint LED light box
1 x Template Monster template (single site license) + 500 USD worth of customization services
1 x “monthly” subscription on (100 downloads per month) for a year
Full TEN Collection S1 and S2 packs

The other nine category winners will each receive:
1 x Wacom Intuos Pro M tablet
1 x Adobe Creative Cloud 3 month subscription
1 x Westcott reflector
1 x Exaprint painter’s canvas 100×100 cm
250 x Exaprint gecko flyers 10×15 cm
1 x Template Monster template (single site license)
1 x Fotolia 3 month “monthly” subscription (25 downloads per month)
The TEN Collection S1 and S2 full packs



S3 TEN Collection Contest

Season 3 of the TEN Collection was quite the challenge. After the phenomenal success of Season’s 1 and 2, we asked ourselves how could we maintain your interest in the project, and keep pushing the skill sets of not only the artists featured, but also our community, whom this project has always been about?

Fotolia started with introducing an extra creative ingredient to the mix: photography. Then, they blended the 2014 batch of TEN talents following a new recipe: Fotolia had graphic designers and photographers work together in the planning, design and production stages in five exclusive duets throughout the year.

Every two months, Fotolia asked design and photography aficionados, amateur and professional to challenge the TEN artists. And challenge they did!  Entrants from all over the world submitted work of outstanding quality every time, making deciding upon a winner a feat of a task.

View the TEN Winners and once again big congratulations to all of them!

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